Ear Specialist in Singapore

An ear specialist is a medical doctor that specialized in the matter of the ear. They are also commonly known as the ear doctors, or ENT doctors by the non-medical guys. The medical people usually group the ear, nose and throat together so most of the time they are referred as ENT. Medical issues with ear, nose and throat are getting more common, and it is not a surprise that the demand for ENT doctors are increasing.

With this in mind, it is not a surprise that you will see a long queue or waiting time to see an ENT doctor. In fact, the queue is usually longer for an ear specialist. To reduce the waiting time, some people prefer to see private practices so that they can treat their ear condition faster.

There is no surprise to people that many ENT specialist started their own private practices due to the increasing demands. Is this wrong? Well, there is no right answer.

However, the key question we want to answer is: Would a private ear specialist be a better doctor than a public ear specialist? Would a private ENT doctor be a better doctor than the public ENT doctor? Well, there is no answer to this. We do know that there is a demand for such doctors and this is not only in Singapore. There are patients from the region coming to Singapore seeking private ENT doctors to treat them. Many of them are willing to pay a bigger sum of money too. Does that mean that if you pay more money, you get better a doctor?

The answer is really hard here. There is only one thing that we know and it is a common fact: Illnesses should be treated at it’s inception. If you leave it too late, it will be hard to treat. Perhaps that’s the reason behind the private practices where you get treated faster.

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer then it comes to seeking private/public ENT doctors, or ear specialists in Singapore, for our case. There is no official ranking of doctors in the first place and there should have such rankings. Most ENT doctors would not be interested in rankings anyways; they prefer to help people and want to be paid for it. That’s all.